A new center that will change Esenyurt


A new center that will change what people know in a city in the limelight of the world.

Istanbul, a cradle of civilizations from past to present. A magical city that embraces innovation, grows and develops every day. Now there’s a brand new project that’ll change what you know thanks to the transformation within: an experience never had before, a true mixed project. The residences in City Center Esenyurt offer a life of great amenities, while the deluxe and premium offices make privilege standard and transform the idea of a business center into the new center of commerce. The shopping mall featuring world-renowned brands defines the central point of all social needs. Just as the name suggests, City Center is an idea that will bring people together through social services. Behind this idea lie the Esenyurt Municipality Administration, Esenyurt District Government and Esenyurt District Police Department’s strength and approach to service.

This project brings together the cultural wealth of a city and of life. Everything you dream of is here.