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Historical Houses of Kemaliye

Historical Houses of KemaliyeHISTORICAL HOUSES of KEMALIYE

In the Munzur Mountains in eastern Turkey is the small town of Kemaliye, known in Ottoman times as Egin. It lies on the River Karasu, a tributary of the upper Euphrates, which over the ages formed a natural barrier between the states warring for supremacy in Anatolia. The valley of the Karasu, which in this region is largely rugged and rocky, here widens slightly, allowing the town a foothold. But the real source of life for the town is the spring of Kadigölü at the foot of the mountains. The streams fed by the spring wander all through the town, along the edge of the streets and beneath houses where they cool the larders; pour from fountains in gardens, courtyards and squares, occasionally forming pools and turning water mills; and lend their background music to the singing of birds. The earliest mention of the town in written records dates from the 11th century, when it is thought to have been founded. Continue reading

Kemaliye in Italiano

Emozioni spericolate sulla Via della Seta

183328574-dd2267f9-06c1-4156-8e71-c1adfe3eb20bKemaliye, in Turchia, è una piccola città di poco più di 2000 abitanti nell’Anatolia orientale, in provincia di Erzinjan, sulla riva destra dell’Eufrate. A monte e a valle della città il fiume scorre da Nord a Sud tra due invalicabili pareti di roccia alte fino a 500 metri, in una gola conosciuta come Karanlik Yarik, il “Canyon Buio”: il sole d’estate riesce a illuminarlo solo per un’ora al giorno. Il ponte di legno che attraversava il fiume rendeva la città un’importante tappa della Via della Seta.
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