Kiptas – Kayabasi Residences

Kiptas Kayabasi Residences“Happiness of being the Owner of your Own House”

Having continued to bring livable living spaces in Istanbul, Kipta? realized the dream of being a homeowner for hundreds of families with the Kayaba?? Houses project composed of 1140 houses constructed in Istanbul Küçükçekmece.

Apartment owners currently experience the happiness and peace of living in their own home with the project composed of 75m² and 115m² apartment types which were presented for sale with reasonable terms of payment in scope of the Council House Projects.

To spend more enjoyable times with your beloved ones..

Kayaba?? Houses where the life in sites starts provides the possibility of a modern life both with its construction quality and social equipage areas and social possibilities.

Children experience the easiness of receiving education in a fully equipped Educational institution very close to their house without wasting time on traffic in the Primary School with 40 classrooms constructed by Kipta? in the Site and equipped with the latest innovations provided by technology. Families may do shopping from the workplaces located in the site where they can satisfy all their basic needs, so they may spare greater time with their beloved ones.

Apartment owners in the Kayaba?? Houses project feel the pleasure and peace of living in a modern living space in return for the effort they spent for years.