Istanbul Real Estate Market Prices Rised up by 17%

533075_450026548342148_1425897807_nThe apartments in Istanbul in general have risen in value by an average of 17% in one year. According to the July 2013 Property Index data, the average prices per square meter of the properties being sold in Istanbul, where the average redemption period is 13 years, have risen to 2 thousand 250 TL as of July 2013. The Silivri region, where Kadir Topba?, the Metropolitan Mayor of Istanbul, has announced news of the metro, has started to increase in value. Silivri is at the top of the list of districts where prices have risen by the most amount in the last 1 month, with 14.1 per cent. Bagcilar is second with 6.5 per cent, and Beykoz third with 6.1 per cent.

Esenyurt is still profitable

When taking into account redemption periods, Esenyurt was the district which brought the highest profit to its investors. Those buying homes from the region are getting their money back in 12 years. The redemption period in Eyüp and Sancaktepe is 13 years. The average increase in residential rents in Istanbul is 13 per cent in one year. Square meter prices which were 13 TL during the same period last year, have risen to 15 TL. Besiktas was the district which gained the most in value. The buy and sell quotes can be seen in Emlak Network International website.