Esenyurt Residences 4. Stage

Esenyurt Residences 4. StageKiptas has put into practice a new project which would also make hundreds of families homeowner. Enjoy a peaceful and safe living space with your family in a house owned by you with the Esenyurt Houses 4th Stage Project composed of 768 apartments.

The aim is to provide people not having their own home the opportunity of owning a house with the Esenyurt Houses which are sold with very reasonable terms of payment in scope of the Council House Projects. You do not need to go far away to live in safe and peace within the green areas surrounding your house. The Esenyurt Houses were designed to provide the peace and comfort searched by your family with different options.

The New Living Space of your Family
Everything was considered for your family in this modern settlement area protected by a private security. The special playgrounds ensure your child to spend time in a safe environment.

You can attain the green pattern you have missed with the special landscape arrangement surrounding all houses and you can get out of the parking problem you have previously experienced with the wide car park areas provided for all houses.
Different types of modern apartments

The Esenyurt Houses 4th Stage is composed of 75, 95 and 126 m² 3 different types of apartments. All apartment types provide your family the possibility of living in a safe and modern environment.