Esenyurt Reconstruction Crisis

cropped-64474_10151309811325448_1596627168_n.jpgReconstruction crisis which has continuing for 2 years in Esenyurt and which influences 100 thousand people badly also affected construction companies.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs answered parliamentary question given by Umut Oran who is General Vice President of the Republican People’s Party and Deputy of Istanbul concerning reconstruction problems that tens of thousands of families have in Istanbul, Esenyurt.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Muammer Güler stated that all construction projects in Esenyurt and licenses comply with the Building Bylaws.

Minister Güler gave detailed information whether there is irregularity about construction companies in the country and their projects.


The Minister of Internal Affairs Muammer Güler who answered the parliamentary question instead of Prime Minister stated that number of license given up to today from 2004 is 13 thousand 638, that there are 105 thousand 450 residences which are built, there are 7 thousand 484 commercial buildings which are built, there are 837 industrial buildings which are built and that number of residences which are built with urban transformation exceeds 70 thousand, 17 projects are still in the level of foundation excavation and that profitability ratios of the Companies in Esenyurt are 10.



All projects and licenses comply with the Regulation? In addition; it was understood from the information given by Güler, the Minister of Internal Affairs that all projects in Esenyurt and license and its annexes given by Esenyurt Municipality and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality comply with plan, plan notes and Building Bylaws of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality which are in force and here conditions of big construction companies in Esenyurt are as follows:

You can obtain information on companies in the following:

*F?YAPI A.?.: It has 4 projects with license in Esenyurt and demanded for suspension of bankruptcy. Its two projects were completed and two of them are still being carried out. It demolishes a block whose rough construction was completed to obtain commercial area by abandoning residence in its Fi-Life project.

*Ukra ?n?aat: It has 536 independent section projects and demanded for suspension of bankruptcy. Its project is licensed and 40 percent of its rough construction was completed. It sold approximately 900 residences thanks to the models and started to returns concerning surplus 360 sales.

* Projects about towers of Babel, Vera Park and Samsun Towers: Lands which are under consideration were received to the contractor for landownership by being purchased with method of cooperative. License and notes arranged for the lands comply with the Building Bylaws of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Construction continues to be built according to licenses; there is no housing contrary to the license and there are demands on surplus precedents.

* Osmanl? ?n?aat (for Esenyurt district 1011 blocks 6 parcels, 801 blocks 2 parcels and 322 blocks 4 parcels) obtained building license and it was understood that rough constructions are built which are contrary to the license and its annexes instead of this, transaction was made in accordance with 32 and 42nd articles of the Building Law on surplus manufactures and that an allegation was made in accordance with 184th article of the Turkish Criminal Law.

Güler who is the Minister stated that important decisions were made on this subject in the 1st Administrative Court of Istanbul (Decision no:2010/349) and 6th Department of the Council of State (Decision no:2012/57)


Umut Oran who is the Deputy of Istanbul of the Republican People’s Party issued this subject in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey at the request of people living in Esenyurt and asked to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an this question: ?When will problem of reconstruction which has been continuing for 2 years in Esenyurt and making 100 thousand of people?s life miserable be solved? What are construction companies which do not have any reconstruction and license or which are about to go bankrupt?

Umut Oran assessed the answer which was given in spite of big problem with which people are face and the occurring situation as follows: ?100 thousand people vigorously try to make themselves heard for years, however there is no one who hears them from the Justice and Development Party, they do not listen to them, they are unfair. When considering this answer, there is no problem in Esenyurt, thousands of families feel very dejected in vain, there is no one who is homeless, displaced and without reconstruction, they did not become insolvent! Sales from the model was tolerated, although they know that there is reconstruction problem, it was allowed that many companies sell residences and for this reason; this incredible unjust treatment occurred?.