Celebi Logistics Park

celebi-lojistik-parkCelebi Logistics Park is strategically located in Esenyurt which is one of the most important logistics centers in the European side. Celebi Logistics Park is located nearby TEM Highway and is a distribution and transportation center with a close proximity to  Ambarli and Tekirda? Ports and Atatürk Airport.  Total land area is about 91.630 m2.

The land is owned by Angora Gayrimenkul A.?. which under the control of Çelebi Group. The project investor will also be Angora Gayrimenkul A.?.

Employing equipment with the most advanced technology available and more than 3,500 expert personnel, Çelebi Group provides all its ground handling services at international standards through Çelebi Ground Handling which is the admiral ship of the Group.

The 24 airports at which Çelebi Ground Handling is active in Turkey account for 93% of all of the country’s air traffic. The number of new stations continues to increase year after year in line with customers’ requests. In addition to ground handling, the Group is active in a wide range of activities from  terminal and port management to private security services, from foods, and from travel agency to personnel transport and vehicle fleet leasing.

At the international level, Çelebi Ground Handling is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Aviation Handlers’ Association (IAHA), the Airports Council International (ACI), and the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) and it is also a founding member of AVIANCE. In its home market, it is a member of the Turkish Private Aviation Enterprises Association (TÖSH?D).

Çelebi Ground Handling made its initial public offering in 1996 and its shares are traded on the ?stanbul Stock Exchange under the symbol CLEBI.

The Project will be completed in 2 phases.

1st phase has been designed as a 2-storey building due to convenient elevation difference in the land plot. There are two main blocks in two separate floors. Each blocks can be splitted to two allowing 4 diffent blocks. For each main block office space is  around 500 m2  (2.5% of the total gross rentable area).

In our structures which are designed in compliance with the international logistics construction specifications, the mezzanine floors are enabled to be used effectively for the value-added services and other warehousing services by the utilization of 2 high capacity elevators to mezzanine floors in each blocks.

The design criteria are generally based upon comfort, cost, functionality, visuality, innovation and international standards.

The facility is designed with a perfect blend of architectural, civil and logistic systems point of view, the result being an asthetic and a functional product, providing flexibility and cost effectiveness for the users. The professional design teams have come up with an ideal product allowing users to maximise their asset utilization and with a low operational cost

  • optimum site layout designed for efficient logistic operations
  • minimum yard depth of 35 metres
  • minimum 10.5 m clear internal haunch height
  • 50 kN/m2 floor standing
  • anti-dust quartz concrete floor in warehouse area
  • dock levelers and dock curtain shelters (minimum 1 per 1000 m2)
  • at least one level access door
  • roof level sprinklers (ESFR certified)
  • roof level fire alarm and detection
  • building isolation performance providing cost saving for heating
  • optimal column support design providing best space utilization for rack layout (8 m X11.3)