40 Website creators

Keskinmavi-10Website creator is one kind of tool and it allows creating a website without manual coding. So with these websites and tools you can create a free website with just a few clicks of the mouse of your computer.There are lots of websites and software to build your own free website. There are so many people on the web who are asking “how can I create a website for free?” To keep this question in mind I have added a list of website creator websites and tools here.
The first website was created in 1990 and html was the website creator. That means html was used to write the website. It was a very simple website. Later Dreamweaver change the World Wide Web and became the main website creator and it is still used in designing and developing a website.Below is a lists of 40 website creators websites and tools…
Just for few clicks you can create an awesome website. There are lots of templates over there. I recommend you to use this website creator.

2. http://www.simplesite.com

3. http://www.wix.com

4. http://www.website.com

5. http://www.moonfruit.com

6. http://www.webeden.co.uk

7. http://www.one.com

8. http://imcreator.com

9. http://www.ucoz.com

10. http://www.weebly.com

11. http://www.zoho.com

12. http://www.yola.com

13. http://www.webstarts.com

14. http://www.kidswebsitecreator.com

15. http://www.jimdo.com

16. http://www.baskit.com

17. http://www.squarespace.com

18. http://www.jigsi.com

19. http://www.sitekreator.com

20. http://www.n.nu

21. http://www.smartmywebsite.co.uk

22. http://easily.co.uk

23. http://www.zyweb.com

24. http://www.exai.com

25. https://www.allyou.net

26. http://www.doteasy.com

27. http://www.350.com

28. http://www.snackwebsites.com

29. http://hostgator.com/freewebsite.com

30. http://www.000webhost.com

31. http://snappages.com

32. http://virb.com

33. http://www.flips.jp

34. https://www.homestead.com

35. http://www.Wordpress.com

36. http://www.blogger.com

37. http:www.webs.com

38. http://www.doomby.com

39. http://www.uCoz.com

40. http://www.circlepad.com