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Istanbul Real Estate Market Prices Rised up by 17%

533075_450026548342148_1425897807_nThe apartments in Istanbul in general have risen in value by an average of 17% in one year. According to the July 2013 Property Index data, the average prices per square meter of the properties being sold in Istanbul, where the average redemption period is 13 years, have risen to 2 thousand 250 TL as of July 2013. The Silivri region, where Kadir Topba?, the Metropolitan Mayor of Istanbul, has announced news of the metro, has started to increase in value. Silivri is at the top of the list of districts where prices have risen by the most amount in the last 1 month, with 14.1 per cent. Bagcilar is second with 6.5 per cent, and Beykoz third with 6.1 per cent. Continue reading

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Historical Houses of Kemaliye

Historical Houses of KemaliyeHISTORICAL HOUSES of KEMALIYE

In the Munzur Mountains in eastern Turkey is the small town of Kemaliye, known in Ottoman times as Egin. It lies on the River Karasu, a tributary of the upper Euphrates, which over the ages formed a natural barrier between the states warring for supremacy in Anatolia. The valley of the Karasu, which in this region is largely rugged and rocky, here widens slightly, allowing the town a foothold. But the real source of life for the town is the spring of Kadigölü at the foot of the mountains. The streams fed by the spring wander all through the town, along the edge of the streets and beneath houses where they cool the larders; pour from fountains in gardens, courtyards and squares, occasionally forming pools and turning water mills; and lend their background music to the singing of birds. The earliest mention of the town in written records dates from the 11th century, when it is thought to have been founded. Continue reading

Esenyurt Residences 4. Stage

Esenyurt Residences 4. StageKiptas has put into practice a new project which would also make hundreds of families homeowner. Enjoy a peaceful and safe living space with your family in a house owned by you with the Esenyurt Houses 4th Stage Project composed of 768 apartments.

The aim is to provide people not having their own home the opportunity of owning a house with the Esenyurt Houses which are sold with very reasonable terms of payment in scope of the Council House Projects. You do not need to go far away to live in safe and peace within the green areas surrounding your house. The Esenyurt Houses were designed to provide the peace and comfort searched by your family with different options. Continue reading

Esenyurt Residences Stage

Esenyurt Residences 5. StageGeneral Information

  •  The buildings were projected in conformity with the effective standards, and earthquake and fire regulations of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Public Works.
  •  Raft foundation and tunnel mould system
  •  Exterior heat insulation system (sheathing)
  •  24 hours private security service
  •  Environment landscape application
  •  Generator for apartments and common fields
  •  Swimming pool which may be arranged as indoor and outdoor and kiddy pool
  •  Heat insulated fiber reinforced concrete panel system in all blocks
  •  Gross surfaces are mechanic anchored fiber reinforced concrete coating
  •  Smart house infrastructure
  •  Central heating system
  •  Sauna, steam room, massage room, Turkish bath, Fitness Center, Squash Continue reading

Kiptas – Kayabasi Residences

Kiptas Kayabasi Residences“Happiness of being the Owner of your Own House”

Having continued to bring livable living spaces in Istanbul, Kipta? realized the dream of being a homeowner for hundreds of families with the Kayaba?? Houses project composed of 1140 houses constructed in Istanbul Küçükçekmece.

Apartment owners currently experience the happiness and peace of living in their own home with the project composed of 75m² and 115m² apartment types which were presented for sale with reasonable terms of payment in scope of the Council House Projects. Continue reading

Esenyurt NMerkez


Özyurtlar Construction, which has built Tasarimcilar Site at the line of Bahçesehir – Bogazköy and Tasarimcilar Business Center at Esenköy, and realized Gardencity project comprising three stages, ensured a reputable position at the construction sector with Ntepe Houses and Ntowers (which is still being constructed), is now with you with the Nmerkez that is the new life center of Istanbul.

Continue reading